Sweet Sleep (with CBN), 750mg, 30ml


A peaceful, restful, refreshing night’s sleep can transform the way you feel during the day! Green Roads’ Sweet Sleep Formula is made with melatonin plus a special blend of CBD and CBN from American-farmed hemp. Our pharmacists have designed it especially for you, and have given it a light and sweet berry flavor as the perfect end to your day.

Suggested Retail: $69.99


  • Total Cannabinoids
    25 mg/ml
  • Strength
    25 mg/ML
  • Weight/Volume

Key Facts

  • With 2.5mg melatonin per serving for sleep support
  • With 750mg of cannabinoids per bottle
  • CBD to help you manage ordinary stress (22.5mg/serving)
  • CBN – the perfect addition to our sleep formula (2.5mg/serving)
  • With a light blueberry flavor…just to be delicious

American farmed hemp Independent lab tested Vegan friendly

No animal tested No artificial coloring No artificial flavors With melatonin Great for sleep With CBN


Green Roads

Green Roads