The White CBG Flower, 7 grams in jar


Sun-grown CBD Flower grown by Fletcher Farms.


Each year, Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. grows thousands of pounds of Sun Grown Oregon CBD Hemp Flower.

As a licensed Oregon hemp grower, we are diligent in our compliancy and feel it is one of the most important parts of our process and success. All of our Flower has passed inspection and tested to State and Federal guidelines for resale.

Lab Report


Fletcher Farms

Fletcher Farms Fletcher Farms is a Family-Owned Hemp Farm in Vale, Oregon. Our mission is to bring the most trusted cannabinoid rich products to the local market and beyond. By owning the process from seed to finish product, we can ensure safe and effective CBD products of the highest quality. From the day we sew seeds in soil, to when our finished products leave the farm, we are a hands-on company passionate about the intricacies of working with nature to yield the highest quality CBD products on the planet.