“I have tried the dog treats for my Bernese who is afraid of the thunder storms and fire works. They are amazing! After about 15 min of having them he calms right down and can lay down and relax. Unlike before when he would pant and pace the floor for hours!” Dorna D.

“I have not been impressed with any other CBD products I had received before you arrived. I have been personally struggling and not sure how I could continue living in such emotional and physical pain. You walked in and all that changed! Thank you is not enough. I feel like living is possible again, truly living and not just surviving” L. LeBlanc, Belfast area

“Gerrick Alternatives has helped make our 10 year old lab act like a puppy all over again! Bo’s eyesight has been getting progressively worse over the last couple of years and he is now 100% blind. His blindness has causes him a severe amount of anxiety, which he copes with by incessantly licking his leg raw. We tried EVERYTHING to help him stop – Thundercoats, music, essential oils, wrapping his leg, bitter sprays, etc. but nothing worked.

We got our hands on a flyer from Gerrick with their CBD dog treats and figured, why not? We had AMAZING results!! His leg has fully healed up. We were finally able to free him of the lampshade he was forced to wear to allow his leg to heal. We brought him to the vet last week and no one believed he was 10 years old!

Thank you for taking care of our fur baby!! ”

“I got my medical marijuana card, found a provider and paid top dollar for pot, which I smoked, and cream that smelled like pot. I smelled, the house smelled and I sat there stoned but still in agony. I used your (CBD pain) cream and there are no bad odors, the pain is tolerable and I’m not stoned out of my gourde” Anonymous, Augusta, Me

“After weeks of severe wrist pain I sought out a natural pain reliever. I purchased the CBD pain cream from Gerrick Alternatives and within two days the pain had subsided and I was able to use my hand again. This product is a Godsend. It is great to find relief without pills, therapy, or expensive doctor visits. What a fantastic product!  I would recommend it to my closest friends and family.”

David Howland, Systems Administrator
Charlies Motor Mall, Augusta, Me

Using CBD from Gerrick Alternatives has allowed me to cut back on prescription pain medication. I have found substantial pain relief using Evoxe. I am so happy to find a natural alternative to prescription drugs!

Darcy H, Plymouth, Me