Blue Lotus Gummies (Blue Lotus + White Lotus + Hemp Extract), 10,000 mg)

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Introducing a new way to explore the universe from your favorite Stoney friends at Stoned Mushrooms Brand, Blue Lotus 10,000mg Gummies! Packed with 500mg of Blue Lotus 200mg White Lotus and 300mg of Hemp extract  in every gummy, these powerful gummies are sure to deliver a unique experience that’ll send you to the moon and beyond! Grab a bottle and get ready to launch today! Additional information about ingredients and effects listed below

  • Product Type: Blue Lotus Gummies
  • Product Flavor: Blue Raspberry
  • Product Quantity: 10pc Bag
  • Primary Active Ingredient(s): Blue Lotus + White Lotus + Hemp Extract
  • Contents Per Piece: 1,000mg
  • Contents Per Bag: 10,000mg

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