CBD/CBG Tincture


1000mg bottle contains 500mg CBD and 500mg CBG

2000mg bottle contains 1000mg CBD and 1000mg CBG

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Suggested Retail: 1000mg- $69.99

Suggested Retail: 2000mg-  $82.99

Every ingredient we use is manufactured in ISO certified facilities to ensure our products are safe and pure for our customers. We run small batches to provide consistent dosing every time you take it!


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Ingredients: MCT Oil (from coconut), CBD Extract THC free (cannabidiol), CBG Extract THC free (cannabigerol)

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High Tide Holistics is a family owned company located on the coast of Maine. With decades of combined experience in the lab, as well as on the farm, we know what it takes to manufacture natural products that are safe and effective.

1000mg Lab Report

2000mg Lab Report

All of our extracts, oils, and even our glass bottles come from the top suppliers in the United States. All of the facilities we work with must operate using the upmost strict ISO compliance and provide High Tide Holistics Inc. with third party testing and chain of custody forms. We set these standards so our customers can feel confident that everything we use to make our products meets the absolute highest level of safety and quality.



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1000mg, 2000mg


High Tide Holistics

High Tide Holistics - Is a family owned and operated company located on the coast of Maine. All their products are made using only the cleanest, purest hemp extracts, food grade essential oils, MCT and monk fruit. Even their bottles have been tested to ensure they are free of all contamination. The extracts we use are grown and processed in the USA by ISO certified processing facilities. Each facility provides us with the latest test results and a chain of custody showing us exactly where the hemp was grown.